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Foldable Pikler triangle made in Manila Philippines
Rainbow Pikler
Foldable Pikler triangle made in Manila Philippines
Child climbing Pikler triangle
Candy colored Pikler triangle
Foldable Pikler triangle made in Manila Philippines
Foldable Pikler triangle made in Manila Philippines
Child playing under the Pikler triangle
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Pikler Triangle


Help your child hit developmental milestones and gain strength, stability and confidence with our Pikler system.

Why you'll love it:

  • Modular system allows you to mix and match the triangle and attachments, getting only what your child needs at his or her current phase. 
  • A standard "hook" size enables the parts to mesh together even if they are bought years apart.
  • Triangles easily fold up for transport and storage.
  • Sturdy and durable - tested to hold multiple climbers, up to a total of 130 lbs.

Materials: European Birch plywood, Scandinavian Pine, and child-friendly, water-based finish

* The tiny Pikler triangle is ideal for one child only and as a compact second Pikler when using the balance beam or horizontal ladder.

** Pikler triangles and attachments are SOLD SEPARATELY.
For custom colors, please send your color pegs to or to any of our social media accounts. Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Proudly made in the Philippines. Learn more about our safety guidelines and raw materials here.

If we give children enough space and possibilities for free movement, they will move as beautifully and gracefully as animals: nimbly, simply, confidently, and naturally.
— Dr. Emmi Pikler

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