The Details


Pikler Triangles
Tiny - P1,150
Small - P1,400
Medium - P1,650
Big - P1,900

Reversible Ramp - P450
Bouldering Ramp - P1,200
Small Curvy Board - P800
Medium Curvy Board - P1,000
Large Curvy Board - P1,200
Balance Beam - P1,000
Horizontal Ladder - P1,400
5-foot Full Slide - P1,100
6-foot Full Slide - P1,200

All rates are good for 7 days.
Day 1 - Pick-up
Day 7 - Drop-off

Refundable Bond

A bond which is refundable upon return in same condition is applied. We will transfer the bond to your payment account 2 hours after drop-off.

1-2 items - P10,000
3-4 items - P15,000
5-6 items - P20,000
7-8 items - P25,000

* Since these are our rental sets, there may possibly be dents/dings on the items. Nevertheless, they have all been inspected to be structurally sound and safe for play. The imperfections are also not visible in photos/videos.


Items are to be picked up and dropped off to/from P. Tuazon, Cubao Quezon City, anytime from 9AM - 6PM. Transportation c/o client.

For third party couriers such as Transportify / Lalamove, please note that:

- bookings are c/o client
- should any loss be incurred while items are in transit, Dev Depot reserves the right to deduct the cost from the bond and charge the client the remaining unrecovered cost.

Please confirm with us the type of vehicle needed before booking a courier.


We will be needing the following upon reservation:

1. Full payment of rental fee and bond. Kindly confirm availability of items before making a transfer.

2. Photo of a valid, unexpired ID.


Indoor use only, away from rain and water.

No food, drinks, bubble gum, shoes, crayon/pen/ink marks or other stains/spills on the play equipment please.

As a safety measure, we require placing a carpet / soft play mat beneath the materials. Supervise kids at all times.

We will take care of cleaning and sanitizing after use.

Interested to Get Your Own Set?

Should you decide to purchase your own set after renting, we will WAIVE and offset the rental fee of the new items to be purchased.

Please note that our rental sets are not for sale.