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Reversible Ramp Attachment
Reversible Ramp Attachment
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Reversible Ramp Attachment

About Me

Our classic reversible ramp features a flat sliding surface on one side and half-rungs resembling a ladder on the other. We recommend positioning it at the Pikler triangle's lowest bar when introducing to babies and toddlers, and gradually moving up as they get used to it.

Helps reinforce:

  • Cross-pattern movement similar to crawling, which directly affects brain development
  • Balance
  • Proprioception
  • Grip

Ages: 6 months+
Materials: European Birch plywood, Finland Pine and child-safe, water-based finish
Dimensions: 48 x 14 x 2.5 inches
Weight Limit: 60 kilos

Proudly made in the Philippines. Learn more about our raw materials here.

* Pikler triangles and attachments are SOLD SEPARATELY. 

** For custom colors, please send your color pegs to or to any of our social media accounts. Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Warning: For safety reasons, we do NOT recommend pairing any of our Pikler attachments with other brands of Pikler triangles. The attachments have been tested only with our own triangles.
Safety Guidelines
  • Ensure close adult supervision at all times.
  • DO NOT let children use the play equipment when sleepy or sick.
  • We recommend that children play BAREFOOT (unless using orthotic devices, in which case shoes should be worn to avoid slipping), with NO LOOSE CLOTHING such as skirts or dresses.
  • Position the Pikler triangle and attachments on a flat, even surface, with either a safety mat or rug underneath.
  • IMPORTANT: The lower edge of the reversible ramp and bouldering ramp should always be planted firmly on the floor or on top of another STURDY surface such as a bench or stool. DO NOT let children hang off of one side of the horizontal ladder as this may cause it to tilt to one side.
  • Attachments must only be moved from rung to rung by adults.
  • With the exception of therapy sessions, children should be allowed to explore and discover the play equipment on their own. By nature, they will crawl and climb, descend and traverse when they are ready. DO NOT hold their hands to help them go up the Pikler triangle and attachments.
  • When folded, ensure that the Pikler triangle is stashed in a secure place.